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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. The following explains our online information practices regarding the data we use in our website and mobile app.

  • We do NOT sell, rent, share, or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information from customers for commercial purposes.
  • We do NOT gather sensitive personal information through cookies.
  • We do NOT provide any customer information to advertisers .

Facebook Data

We use facebook approved apps to makes API requests to the Facebook servers to extract PUBLIC data from our facebook business pages. (Refer list below for all our own business pages)


We make this API calls to display PUBLIC contents (posts, images and videos) from our OWN facebook business pages in our website and mobile app. These requests are initiated when our customers (students) visits our website or open mobile app page.

1. How do we get facebook data?
We make authorized requests to the associated social media platform; Facebook via their API. The social media platform then sends back publicly available content from our PUBLIC business pages.

2. What do we do with facebook data?
We use public data from our business pages ONLY for display purpose in our website and mobile app.

3. Is any of the data personal?
We do NOT extract any personal data from facebook.

Online Booking (Orientation Class & Event Tickets)

Personal information that you provide in our website’s online booking forms is stored on a remote secure server and is shared, as necessary, when you interact with our website. For example, to schedule a class OR book an event ticket etc.

We have an authorized third party SPARK ( that does the processing all our online booking forms. All the booking forms in our website are embedded SPARK pages.