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Junior Karate    (Ages 7-12)
We offer Karate, Self Defense and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Programs for kids.

If you are like most parents who seek a way for their child to become more focused and disciplined at school and at home, then check out our program! At Gabrieles Groton Kids Karate, your child will enjoy the excitement, fast-pace, and release that karate class give them, as well as the courage and confidence to overcome life’s challenges and fears.
Your child will feel like a super stuntman, as our class combines fun, fitness and age-appropriate games that enhance motor skills and engage children.


•Become fit, flexible and coordinated
•Build good motor skills and agility
•Build a positive self image
•Improve their focus, concentration and self discipline
•Overcome separation anxiety and negative peer pressure
•Gain confidence to become involved and more assertive
•Plus, much, MUCH MORE!
Younger students participate in discussions about “Fire Safety” “Stranger Danger”, “When to call 911”, and “Street Safety”.